Our Services

The firm offers a range of services to its clients in the following areas:


Mr. Amir Salim Toor heads this department of the firm. The firm undertakes both statutory year-end audits as well as special assignments according to the requirements of the clients. After completion of each assignment an evaluation report is submitted to the management on the system of internal control, software and other financial aspects.
Special assignments relating to internal audit and assessment of financial controls of the organization are also undertaken depending on the requirements of the clients.


The management consultancy department of the firm is headed by Mr. Abdul Ghaffar. Mr. Ghaffar and his team have extensive experience in providing financial consultancy and upgrading and revamping the financial data processing and reporting procedures.
The Firm has ongoing assignments in the private sector for evaluation of the existing financial recording, budgeting and internal control systems of an organization. After the initial review, a proposed plan for implementation of financial recording and reporting software is provided to the Client. The Firm in association with AZM Computers (Pvt) Ltd and EGS (Pvt) Ltd set up a software house, GBMS (Pvt) Ltd. A financial software has been developed and implemented under the name of Global Business Solution (GBMS). GBMS is a complete ERP solution catering for all the financial recording and reporting requirements of a business. The types of businesses where these services have been provided ranges from manufacturing, educational institution, construction, hospitals, non government charities, trading concerns, vehicle dealership, courier company etc.


The firm deals with the corporate as well as personal income tax matters of its clients. Mr. Yusaf Saeed specializes in the taxation of non residents and the firm has a number of non resident clients. The firm deals with the corporate tax matters of a wide variety of industry. The specialization being in respect of taxation matters of the textile and other industries. The taxation matters are followed right from the filing of tax returns to submitting appeals before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. Future tax planning as well as periodical review of the new legislation is also undertaken.


Mr. Saad Bin Khalid FCA heads this department which is involved in carrying out financial and social studies for aid agencies and provincial and local Government. This department has carried out assignments of the power generation, transport, agriculture, public sector etc. Assignments are undertaken for preparation of financial feasibility studies of new projects as well as projects which needs revamping.


The manner in which we do business involves more than the provision of the necessary accounting services required to meet your needs of operating a business efficiently and achieving personal financial security. We are also your business advisor. We enjoy interacting with the individuals and businesses on a one to one basis and identify new areas of development to pursue. We will provide you with solutions to today’s business and personal financial challenges, leading you to greater business opportunities and personal financial success.


We recognize that every individual’s financial and business needs are unique. We therefore like to take an informal and personal approach and work closely with you to clearly recognize your specific needs. Our practice is to listen and understand your requirements so that we can provide you with the most cost efficient and effective solutions to meet your objectives and communicate items of direct concern to you.
Our services are designed with your business and financial needs in mind. We will work closely with you in development of management strategies to achieve your optimum business potential, identify areas of control weaknesses or inefficiencies in financial system and determine appropriate areas of improvement. We will advise you of the ins and outs of starting a business and how to turn it into a financially viable operation and provide you with creating tax saving strategies.


We are committed to business development. Business development activity is paramount to the survival of a business and is a process that requires constant analysis and change. To assist our clients with business development, we conduct ‘brainstorming’ sessions with our clients, helping them generate new ideas and methods to improve their business operations and reduce costs. Together, we identify financially feasible business opportunities that will achieve greater business performance for our clients, overall.


We have years of experience in advising businesses on how to operate and maintain a business as a financially viable enterprise. We also assist individuals with the financial and tax requirements of starting a business and advise them of a strategic course of action to pursue. Our business start up guide is a good launching pad into the in’s and out’s of starting a business.