About The Company

We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas.

About The Company

The firm was initially set up in 1983 as Nadeem Yusaf & Associates, a partnership firm, comprising of two partners Mr.Nadeem Faiz Rana and Mr. Yusaf Saeed. Mr. Nadeem Faiz Rana left the partnership in 1996. The firm was re constituted as Yusaf Saeed & Co. and Mr. Aamir Salim Toor joined as a partner in place of Mr. Nadeem Faiz Rana.

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar joined the firm as a consultant in July 2009 and was inducted as a partner from July 2010.

The firm is on the Securities & Exchange Commission panel of auditors and currently in the process of being approved by the State Bank of Pakistan. The Firm is a member firm of ANTEA, Alliance of Independent Firms.

The emphasis is to providing quality services to clients, the Firm has had three satisfactory QCR reviews by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and is on the satisfactory quality list of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.